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Financial solutions

Approach Philosophy

At Lowrys we endeavour from the very beginning, to establish strong personal links with clients so an atmosphere of trust can be developed, particularly in relation to remote area clients. We see a need for education and training being just as important as compliance issues when we conduct audits or assist in other financial management and administrative areas.

Please see the headings below to see more detailed descriptions of our approaches to various specific issues and categories of client.

Accounting Taxation and Audit Issues

Lowrys Accountants have the specialist knowledge and expertise necessary to assist with complex financial accounting, taxation and audit issues. Our deep understanding of relevant legislation and associated regulations means Lowrys can assist with complex reporting issues.

We have a proud record in helping clients respond to the need for greater transparency and improved corporate governance.

With Lowrys Accountants you will discover our approach to auditing and accounting is customised to fit your organisation's special needs and requirements.

Lowrys can help you navigate the intricacies of all your accounting, taxation, auditing and reporting needs. Working with your staff Lowrys offer advice on controls and processing system weaknesses, but we will also help you improve your financial reporting processes to provide assurance that your systems are operating effectively.

While Lowrys have discretion as to the manner in which auditing services are to be performed, we can assure clients all audits will be conducted strictly in accordance with Australian Auditing Standards. We also conduct Statutory Audits and Specialised Audits for trust accounts, superannuation funds, non-profit organisations and a range of grant-funded organisations.

Business Plans & Strategies

Important for a new business, a business plan helps improve your chance of securing financing and investment. Established businesses should review their business plan and update it regularly in order to provide direction for growth.

Whether you need independent credibility for your financial statements, or constructive ideas for improving internal controls and systems, Lowrys has technical capabilities and quality procedures in place to meet and exceed your requirements.

Contact Lowrys Accountants now to get your auditing needs firmly on track and obtain the results you deserve !!

Services to Local Government 

Prior to establishment of the seven (Local Government) Super Shires, Lowrys was responsible for the auditing of various Community Government Councils throughout the Territory. We are familiar with the background of the Local Government Act and Regulations as they relate to the new Shires and their methods of operation. Lowrys Accountants is the appointed auditors for the Victoria Daly Shire Council; one of the seven Super Shires mentioned above.  

Working with Remote Communities

Lowrys Accountants understands the importance of ensuring that all staff members, and especially those involved in engagements with Aboriginal organisations, have received cultural training. This assists us to better understand the needs of the organisations we are dealing with and the people who may be affected by the work we complete.

Prior to visiting communities we provide a written summary of proposed activities, timing and details of which specific records are required for inspection. This ensures communities are prepared for our visits and also that such visits do not clash with cultural or other local activities. We have a long history of successfully working with and on Aboriginal Communities. We have assisted one Corporation with financial services since 2011 and still continue today.

Client Success Stories & Anecdotes

  • We assisted a company to lodge 8 years of income tax returns and successfully applied for $130,000 in interest and penalties to be remitted.
  • Similarly with an individual with 8 years of income tax returns – we successfully applied for just under $40,000 of interest and penalties to be remitted.
  • A self-managed super fund had late lodgements and $79,000 in interest and penalties which we had remitted in full.
  • Numerous individuals with multiple years of tax returns outstanding have been successfully lodged, the majority with refunds.   Among these was an individual with 15 years tax returns lodged with no penalties

Frequently Asked Questions

Please find below some answers to some of the more common FAQs.

Yes, we currently do audits on a variety of entities including Not for Profits

Yes, we do tax returns for all entities.

A Free No obligation quote and scale of fees can be provided after examination of clients record.

We will provide financial advice in relation to your business accounting and taxation affairs. We are not financial planners and cannot offer investment advice. We do have excellent relationships with financial planners and are happy to coordinate with existing or new financial planners.

Request a call back.

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