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About the Company

We have over half a century experience & can provide the best solutions to grow your business

Beyond managing taxation and financial matters, we actively contribute to enhancing your business outcomes. At Lowrys, our mission is not just to provide services but to be your trusted financial partner on the journey to success.

The Idea

Benefit from our decades-long expertise, local insights, and a team dedicated to establishing strong personal links.

About the Company

What Sets Lowrys Apart

Since the 1970s, Lowrys Accountants has been an integral part of Darwin, the Northern Territory, and the Tanami and Kimberley regions of Western Australia. At Lowrys, our commitment goes beyond conventional services. We take pride in several distinguishing factors:

Continuity and Trust:  With the lowest staff turnover among major accounting firms in Darwin, we prioritise continuity. This ensures our clients, especially remote community ones, deal with familiar faces, fostering trust and effective long-term relationships.

Cultural Sensitivity:  Recognising the impact of cultural issues on Aboriginal community organisations, we navigate complexities with sensitivity. Our commitment is not only to highlight irregularities but also to suggest ways to minimise disruptions without compromising community dynamics. Lowrys stands as a trusted partner, understanding the unique challenges faced by our clients in different cultural contexts.

Confidence in Confidentiality:  Your privacy matters. All our team members sign confidentiality undertakings, emphasising our dedication to safeguarding your information. Lowrys is covered by Professional Indemnity and Public Liability Insurance and Certificates of Currency are readily available, providing an added layer of assurance.

Holistic Approach:  At Lowrys, we work with associations, individuals, and businesses to turn dreams into successful ventures. Our team is dedicated to helping you thrive and expand. Beyond providing essential financial services, our senior management team, comprised of long-term and respected Darwin residents, adopts a holistic approach. This collaborative effort goes beyond numbers, assisting clients in realising their full potential and achieving success. Our commitment is to be more than just an accounting firm – we aim to be a strategic partner in the success of our clients.

Tailored Fit Services:   We understand that each client is unique, and their financial needs vary. Lowrys provides tailored solutions that are customised to fit your specific requirements. Our approach ensures that you receive services that align precisely with your financial goals and aspirations. This commitment to customisation sets us apart as a firm dedicated to meeting your individual needs.


To be the unrivaled leader in shaping financial success stories, transcending geographical boundaries, and fostering lasting partnerships grounded in trust, continuity, and cultural sensitivity.

Primary Mission

Our mission is clear – to deliver an unwavering commitment to professionalism. We strive to exceed client expectations by delivering professional, personalised, and culturally-aware financial services. We aim to create a harmonious working environment, ensuring continuity and building enduring relationships. Our commitment extends to promoting cultural understanding, avoiding disruptions, and providing confidential, trustworthy services. As Darwin’s foremost Accountancy, Bookkeeping, Taxation, and Business Advisory Practice, we aspire to be the catalyst for our clients’ financial growth and prosperity.

We know that entrepreneurs like you require this advice and support but are unsure where to go. Yes, life coaches play a part, so too business coaches, many opt to discuss things with their accountant, and this is okay. But have they ever had to navigate the murky waters of business that you are grappling with?

Needless to say, we have and can provide the ear, advice, and guidance growth minded entrepreneurs like you are so desperately in need of.

Clinton Reid

Managing Director and CEO, Lowrys Accountants

Behind Lowrys

Meet the Team

The senior management team at Lowrys consists of long-term and respected Darwin residents dedicated to providing quality services. With a collective focus on working with associations, individuals, and business entities, our team helps turn dreams and ideas into thriving or expanded businesses through a holistic approach.

Chris Hochman

Chris Hochman

Chartered Accountant

Pauline Miring‘u

Pauline Miring‘u

SMSF Senior Accountant

Nicholas Stratico

Nicholas Stratico

Business Services Senior Accountant

Denise Ashworth

Denise Ashworth

Business Administration Manager

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