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Our aim is to remain Darwin’s premier Accountancy.

Welcome to Lowrys, where financial excellence meets personalised solutions. Our suite of services is designed to cater to the diverse needs of businesses and individuals. From expert tax assistance that transcends numbers to streamlined bookkeeping services, we’re committed to simplifying the complexities of financial management. 

Explore our offerings and discover how we can be a reliable partner dedicated to your financial success.

Why Us?

Efficient affordable bookkeeping service?

Lowrys offers a comprehensive and cost-effective suite of business administration services. Our team is known for its flexibility, expertise, reliability, and precision.

Your valuable time is better invested in enhancing your business rather than managing your accounts and bookkeeping. Staying abreast of ever-evolving tax laws, superannuation regulations, and employment award provisions is crucial to avoid costly compliance errors.

At Lowrys, we understand the complexities of financial management. Let us shoulder the responsibility by tailoring a package of accounting and bookkeeping services that align with your business administration needs and budget.

Engage in a brief discussion with our team to determine the services that best suit your business. Following this, we’ll provide a free, no-obligation quote tailored to your chosen package.

Why risk costly mistakes? Entrust your financial administration to the experts at Lowrys.

The Idea

Can you afford not to leave it to the experts?

We do business and individual taxation

Our expertise in business and individual taxation ensures a seamless and optimised tax journey. From meticulous preparation to the lodgment of annual tax returns, we prioritise accurate declarations in adherence to the latest laws. Be it for companies, trusts, superannuation funds, partnerships, or individuals, we are your reliable partner for tax compliance and financial efficiency.


Business Tax

Begin your journey with a personalized consultation. We take the time to understand your financial goals, challenges, and unique needs.


Once we’ve gained insights into your financial landscape, our experts get to work crafting tailored solutions. From financial strategic planning, we aim to align our services with your objectives.

Business and Individual Taxation Expertise

At Lowrys, we go beyond the numbers, ensuring your tax journey is seamless and optimised for success. From business entities to individuals, trust us to expertly handle your tax matters.

We specialise in handling both business and individual taxation matters. Allow us to meticulously prepare and lodge your annual tax return, ensuring that all your income and expenses are accurately declared.

Our commitment to compliance extends to declaring and claiming relevant income and expenses in strict accordance with the latest taxation laws, rulings, and determinations. We cater to a diverse range of entities, including companies, trusts, superannuation funds, partnerships, and individuals.

For personalised taxation advice and expert assistance, feel free to reach out to us at 08 8947 2200.

Explore Our Transparent Structures

Minimise Costs without Compromising Service Quality.

Recognizing financial challenges, we minimise costs without compromising service quality. From fair travel practices to clear invoicing policies, we prioritise transparency and open communication to ensure mutual agreement on reasonable reimbursements.

Why Choose Us

Charging Practices & Fee Structures 

Lowrys adopts a cost-conscious approach to minimise expenses associated with our services. While senior staff provides oversight for critical matters, routine tasks are efficiently handled by qualified, less senior staff to optimise cost-effectiveness.

Avoid Unnecessary Charges:

In instances where multiple clients are situated in the same area, we uphold fairness by avoiding unnecessary charges such as double-dipping on travel costs. Our transparent travel arrangements are elaborated below. 

Minimal Costs:

When engaging Aboriginal communities, we aim to minimize accommodation costs. If an overnight stay is needed, we expect the community to provide accommodation at no charge if available. We won't bill for accommodation en route. 

Make exceptions rather than the rule:

We prioritize open communication, consulting with remote clients, and securing mutual agreement on reasonable reimbursements before any charges are incurred.