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Fees & Charges

Charging Practices & Fee Structures

Lowrys is conscious of the heavy expenses incurred by businesses and organisations in the running of their affairs and we seek to minimise costs related to engaging our services. While the personal touch is maintained through oversight of issues by senior staff, more routine tasks are undertaken where appropriate by qualified but less senior staff to keep costs down.

Similarly, where we may have several clients in the same area, we will not gouge clients by double dipping etc. on travelling costs and our travel arrangements are described in more detail below.

We do not expect to incur any accommodation costs when visiting Aboriginal communities. If we need to stay overnight at a community we expect the community to accommodate Lowrys’ staff (if they have any such facilities) at no cost. Accommodation costs incurred en route to the community will not be charged.

Invoices for travel would be the exception rather than the rule, and will only be incurred after first consulting with the remote client & reaching prior agreement on reasonable reimbursements.

Planning Service

We have extensive contacts with legal practitioners, financial planning, and estate planners. We liaise with clients and representatives to achieve the desired estate plan.

Audit &
Evaluation Service

We provide audit and valuation services upon request. We are happy to provide an Expression of Interest for all external auditing services. Lowrys currently provide audit services across the entire Northern Territory, including Kununurra and the Pilbara Region in Western Australia

Our Team

Territorians committed to the Territory.

Colin James

Colin James


Chris Hochman

Chris Hochman

Chartered Accountant

Denise Ashworth

Denise Ashworth

Business Administration Manager


Number of staff


Clients Worldwide

Frequently Asked Questions

Please find below some answers to some of the more common FAQs.

Yes, we currently do audits on a variety of entities including Not for Profits

Yes, we do tax returns for all entities.

A Free No obligation quote and scale of fees can be provided after examination of clients record.

We will provide financial advice in relation to your business accounting and taxation affairs. We are not financial planners and cannot offer investment advice. We do have excellent relationships with financial planners and are happy to coordinate with existing or new financial planners.

Request a call back.

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